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Well-being & Engagement

Well-being & Engagement

Outperformance and profitability improvement through Employee well-being

For Whom:

Businesses with the objective of enhancing performance, creating customer focus, and improving profitability. (The assumption is that strategy, investment, and technology is in place)

What we offer:


  • Critical teams are responsible for achieving business objectives.


  • Process: Align HR processes with EVP.
  • People: Build people managers’ capability and align leadership to deliver EVP.
  • Promotion: Communicate and brand EVP.
  • Pricing: Create a compensation strategy in tandem with the EVP.


  • Interview people (Employees, Managers, Leaders, Customers) to identify root causes
  • Create an action plan to address the root causes through a Leadership Workshop

Change Mind-sets and Build Capability

  • Create conviction by establishing the impact of the wellbeing of teams on business results
  • Coach Leaders
  • Train Managers on behavioral aspects, to provide feed-forward for better performance, to help coach, train, and develop teams, to recognize good work, and to care and value people
  • Create internal coaches for managers

Program Manage Implementation

  • Set up the implementation process
  • Review, monitor, course correct implementation

Why us:

  • We start with performance issues and objectives and address them through engagement, well being resulting in high energy levels.
  • The team has significant experience of impacting the business through such interventions with the best in the industry consulting firms.
  • Prashant is considered amongst the top 30 engagement consultants globally.
  • He is writing a book “The Other 2/3rds”, delineating his research and learning in well-being, scheduled to be published in the second half of 2019.
  • We help measure the impact.