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Disruptive Leadership

Disruptive Leadership

Exponential Growth through Disruptive Leadership

For Whom:

Profitable businesses that are targeting to disrupt the market and drive exponential growth.

What we offer:

Define – Disruption Workshop

  • Conduct disruption workshop for leadership, designed by us inspired by concepts like Blue Ocean Strategy and Theory of Constraints in the Market place, resulting in a draft disruption strategy.
  • Preceded by leadership interviews to understand challenges and followed by leadership discussion to refine strategy and create enablers for implementation.
  • Identify bottlenecks in implementation.

Change Leadership Mindset

  • Educate leaders in the new method of business. E.g. Digital, new Supply Chain.
  • Share the experiences of other companies in non compete industries.
  • Create experiences and conviction through pilots.

Build Capability & Channelize energy

  • Identify new capabilities needed.
  • Build and/or Buy capability for the new business model.

Program Manage Implementation

  • Set up implementation process.
  • Review, monitor, course correct implementation.
  • Transfer skills and ensure the program is self-sustainable.

Why us:

  • We start with a business problem and develop leaders to solve the problem.
  • We help measure the impact of leadership intervention on business performance.
    • Our core team and associated consultants have significant experience in designing and driving such interventions.
    • Prashant is one of the best consultants in India on disruptive leadership for exponential growth.