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Working With Us

We encourage women returning to work, after a sabbatical, to join us.

What is in it for an associate?

  • Boundless excellence
  • Flexible working
  • Determine your income thorough Outcome based pay-outs

Boundless excellence:

  • We help you create excellent client output enhancing your development in an area you chose to work with us so that work is fun.
  • Only guidance for performance and focus on development

Flexible working:

  • You decide your pace of work, work life balance
  • You decide your weekend and working hours
  • You decide where you operate from

Outcome based pay-outs:

  • You decide how much you want to earn
  • We buy your outcomes and not your time
  • We track your activities, outcome quality, and client satisfaction through technology and one-on-one interactions. We don’t track your time in office.

What we look for?

  • Excellence in what you have done so far
  • Passion for client outcomes and client satisfaction
  • Self-motivated

What we do not like?

  • Dropping ball on client delivery
  • Delays in delivery on promise
  • Being contended with anything less than top class delivery


Please write to [email protected]
Send a note describing (in not more than 900 words, our system truncates the rest):
  • You as a person (200 words)
  • Three major achievements (600 words)
  • Why we should hire you (200 words)
  • Relevant educational qualification and companies worked for with duration and role (100 words)

NB: The word limit for individual sections is only a suggestion. The total word limit is fixed at 900.