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OzoneHC: is a division of TheOther 2 Thirds Consulting LLP focussed on renewable energy and electric vehicles.

The division helps us contribute towards a cleaner environment and do our bit for the future generations.

For Whom:

Any business focused on renewable energy or electric vehicles with significant growth plan.

What we offer:

At present OzoneHC: is focussed on addressing top two challenges of the sector, viz:

  • Recruit right Talent and manage Selection Risk. (Notes: hyperlink recruit and Selection risk to respective sections)

Build Capability

  • Identify the current and future skill inventory based on business plans and projected technology growth
  • Delineate skill gap and the development potential and needs of people
  • Create development journey for identified individuals
  • The development plans are customised to the need of individual clients
  • Apart from soft skills (Note: hyperlink to development services tab), we also focus on technical and functional skill development.

Develop Strategy

  • We also help clients develop strategy in renewable energy and electric vehicle industry.

Why Us?

  • Our consultants have significant experience in renewable and EV space. Our adjunct partners are one of the world’s best professionals in this space who support our clients on creation of strategy, development of projects, EPC and O&M.